Great Barrier Reef II Sketch

Ahh, but alas, my camera’s two batteries are both showing up as depleted, so right at the moment I can’t show you the rather nice, detailed sketch I’ve just done. To my surprise, I did as I usually do, when I noticed the battery down, reached for the charged battery in my case, but it showed as down, as well. Hmm? So maybe there was a problem with my last charging? My charger has a problem? Not sure. Checking into it. Will get you and me photos as soon as possible.

This is a sketch from the same ISLANDS Magazine issue from which I completed this year’s earlier Great Barrier Reef painting, but I do believe this one will be much more like last year’s Roatan, if you like that one, with a greater degree of detail. Yay!

It’s been a fairly quiet day here today, running a load of dark laundry, some jersey dresses that will come in handy for appointments this week, emptying the dishwasher and tidying up the kitchen a bit. I rested a good while with Chipper and that helped me a lot.

Walkies were glorious, with all the Spring-flowering trees, flowers everywhere and birds so very vocal and busy. I’ve seen five bumblebees in person since Spring began and three wasps, one yellow jacket, blinking kindly and gently at them all of course, Don’t please sting me to the latter. Jason planted our herbs and they are already showing miniscule signs of growth and expansion into the bit of Earth that is the planter. He moved about half of our planters to the garage yesterday and it is a lot more spacious, but I do miss the   acreage in which to plant a diversity of plants. Hmmm. We shall see if we bring any back from storage as the season passes.

But wait? I look down and the battery is charged? Can it be? Well, yeah! So here you go:

Hurray! Well, there you go? Mystery solved? Luck changed? I’ll take it!

So one of the many walking friends I know today asked when the neck brace comes off this morning and I said Thursday. You’re gonna be so happy, he said. I’m already happy, I said! And I am! I can feel like I’m already buzzing around in my VW BEE again! Spring! Yay! It’s so close it might as well be Thursday. After so many weeks what are so few days to me?

We had a good time yesterday at Jason’s Mom’s home. Lovely food and company, a good outing into the world, as it seems to me and into folks. Cathy is just glowing …. so good to see her so happy!

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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