Great Barrier Reef II – I

Had to peel myself out of bed this morning, even though I knew I needed to rush, fairly rush for me, this morning, as I had to walk to counseling today. Was sleeping and dreaming quite soundly. Do you dream into the latter part of waking as well? I do. Fountains and columns to explore this time, hard to break away …

Hard to describe how beautiful all the blooming, the pink snow, white blossoms from the cherry trees, Chipper do you see all the flowers on the ground from the trees? even the tulip trees have now lost their huge petals for the beginnings of leaves, the maple tree husks are bright red and Chipper must love them under his paws for he languishes under them when we walk there.

Yet again I remind you to make friends by getting a friendly dog. We did stop to admire a wild puppy across the street and his cheerful but patient and firm owner, who didn’t seem to notice us. Out of control, save for the leash and the least bit of control by the master, here and there, who seemed not to mind the wild meanderings of the dog. Chipper and I, somewhat aghast, watched some good time as they passed, then we slowly made our way along our normal path the rest of the way along the sidewalk and into the apartment.

So glad this was the last time I’ll have to walk to counseling. Have to and want to being two different things. Georgia, Jason’s oldest sister, calculated that I’m probably walking three miles there and back or something. I calculated that I probably walked off that lovely piece of cheesecake I ate on Sunday. Well and good! Not that I don’t love the thirty minutes to an hour that we go for a hike on Sundays at the Monocacy Aqueduct, by choice among the cathedral of trees. You get my point. What a blessing to drive my little Bee to my appointment on Friday. Not that I didn’t, in a painterly way, enjoy all the details I could absorb of the colors and sensations of Spring, to and fro, this last time, and thoroughly.

Well, to the painting herself. It’s been some good time since I painted in acrylics, so it’s time to set a new palette.

Had to start with a new foam layer, of which the old one has lasted lo these three-four years? So that’s a great value. Too much mold this time to let it go forward. So freshy freshy now.

Painting again was like silk. Such a lovely feeling. I love it!

So there you have it. I’m loving this one already. It just has a good feel to it.

Now to rest me. Chipper awaits in the center of the bed, per usual.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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