Great Barrier Reef II – II

Ahhh … how I would love to be somewhere tropical for a while right now, as lovely as it is   here enjoying Spring. I crave the tropics, the beach. Pretty much all year round. And so it is.

I only have about a third of a tube of Golden Acrylic Cobalt Teal left and Dick Blick Artist Materials no longer supplies it, I know not why. One of my all time fave colors, a pale tropical turquoise. So today I made some of my own, an experiment, so as not to dip into my last of the Cobalt Teal, with Phthalo Blue (Green Shade) and lots of Titanium White. A near match, I must say. Easy enough. And there you have it.

Today I’ve not had my collar on since waking. I’ll sleep with it again tonight, but I am loving life without it. I figure yesterday was my six-week surgery anniversary, or I’m treating it that way. I feel strong and healthy. The scar is distracting, but red lipstick is, too. Besides, my skin needs the fresh air, not to be cooped up under a collar in the burgeoning heat and humidity. Right? Right!

I read a short story called The Whistle by Eudora Welty yesterday that was very good, my favorite so far, about an older farming couple trying to protect their tomato crop from frost, trying to get warm on a Winter’s night by burning their furniture. Very stark and moving story. Now I’m reading one about a man who’s just picked up two hitchhikers when that was less fearsome on both sides of the hike.

The other day on The Smithsonian Channel I saw some of the Soul of a Nation which was telling about the government support for travel writers during the Great Depression, which was funny in parts, like when they cabled back that there were no writers worthy of support in Idaho. (when surely, surely they just couldn’t find them?) but it began to show photos of people who had been lynched and I tried to watch but had to change the channel. I know this is horrible part of our history but it was too traumatizing to watch.

Speaking of traumatizing, I’m so glad they have located the gunman in Toulouse, France. Hopefully that standoff will end as safely as possible very soon.

We live in such a fragile, yet such a strong world, full of so much potential, like a seed, full of its knowing what to become in spite of looking like the unknown so much of the time to us, not knowing. We have to believe and to act positively, in the face of not knowing.

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