Collar Freedom!

After six weeks of wearing the neck collar, today the surgeon said I was free not to wear it anymore! Woo to the Hoo! He also prescribed physical therapy, which I was able to get into starting a week from Monday, and said that the bone has grown well as he had hoped. He is also hoping that the right shoulder issue will resolve in pt and is just muscular, as we hope as well.

Next week I’m hoping to get back into the indoor swimming pool as well, because somehow my weight has crept up again a bit. ? What gives? I also hope, in pt, to ask about all my exercise ball and yoga exercises to get a go ahead or not on all of those in addition to the ones they give me, to resume what I can of my daily exercises. That should keep my weight in check as well. YOGA! I can’t hardly wait!

The surgeon said, Move your head. I said, Tell me how and I will. And he did and I did and he was very pleased with my range of motion already. So that was great.

No art today since we went to Sabai Sabai after the afternoon appointment to celebrate and I needed resting post. But I’ll be back in it soon!

Just wanted to report the great news today! Yay!

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