Great Barrier Reef II – III

Joni Mitchell sings Dreamland, Dreamland while I type this, having just painted in about two-thirds of the green coastal edging … hee … I’m thinking about how to paint in some transparent layers of blue, inside that large white space there among the itty islands, such a challenge. We shall see.

Driving was so surreal today. Not like you forget how to drive after six weeks, but it was nice. I watched the sidewalk where I had walked all the way, carefully, but I did. That was odd. Nice for the wind to ruffle my hair through the car window, some kind of speed, even thirty mph, very nice. Love my VW Bug, just love her.

Great counseling session.

So nearing the end, believe it or not, of the Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul, by Deepak Chopra, book. And this list has so much meaning to me, I shall quote it here:

Steps to Wholeness

  1. Nourish your “light body.”
  2. Turn entropy into evolution.
  3. Commit yourself to deeper awareness.
  4. Be generous of spirit.
  5. Focus on relationships instead of consumption.
  6. Relate to your body consciously.
  7. Embrace every day as a new world.
  8. Let the timeless be in charge of time.
  9. Feel the world instead of trying to understand it.
  10. Seek after your own mystery.

And then he goes into each step in detail. I cannot express to you how meaningful each of these steps are to me. I just recently, this week was understanding and trying to communicate in my blog about how we should go forward into the unknown as a seed goes forth positively feeling its way, like #9, just kind of knowing intrinsically what to do, rather than overthinking.
Also, I think it was last week or so I was writing about how my own spirit/body is a place for travel and discovery, time travel — i.e., #10, Seek after your own mystery.
I write those because it shows that I’m unconsciously in synch with the book’s awareness, I’m grokking with it! Yay! That makes me happy. I had hoped toward the end of my journey with the surgery that I would have some sort of enlightenment, and I kind of am.

I think it was this time of year last year I was also reading Eat, Pray, Love. Heh. Like for forever. I have an expansive feeling when I remember that book, a loving feeling. So, it’s all good.

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