Great Barrier Reef II – IV

So can you tell what is new in the painting since yesterday? Maybe? Well, the two green innermost banks are done and one island are complete now. It takes the time. Apparently that is one headache’s worth of work? Because now I have to rest and get this one to go away, alas, but I would not trade it!

I get a haircut today! I have long since run out of creative ways to style it so I fairly begged to get it done today instead of Wednesday, which is when my stylist prefers to cut it, when we can chat and she can carve all sort of details and spikes into it. Oh well. I will be the shorn pup! Yay!

A dear friend from high school is sick and in my thoughts today. He is a whirlwind, a dancer and choreographer and probably much more than I know even in terms of responsibilities he had shouldered, including being on the planning committee for our high school class’s 30th reunion in October, about which he just emailed last week! He collapsed on stage last night, most likely due to sheer overexertion. I advised him on FB to take his time and lots of TLC. But he is on my mind. I even strangely used some sort of wierd Southern awful slang in my FB post — what gives with that? like? ida know.

It’s a nice sort of rainy day today, was supposed to be all stormy and such and hopefully the storms will stay at bay, for they cause panic attacks in Chipper. We cancelled our plans for tomorrow so we can be with him, because it called for scattered thunderstorms, that’s how serious it is for him. The thought of him shaking, scared and alone — no, we just can’t have a good time knowing that.

The surgeon said I had lost the curvature in my neck due to the muscle tension, so I have been using the moist heat bag lots and resting lots to try to get that curve back and to get my right shoulder to ease off with the pain. I need my right arm for lots of things, see? Heavy duty. Painting, writing, like, everything …

I got turned down on the four poems, but I still believe in them strongly. I just figure it’s not a good match with what they’re into or looking for. Still, ouch. That’s why they’re up on my website for you to enjoy always.

I started editing Rebekah’s Closet straightaway for typos and page numbers and whatnot yesterday and it felt good to get into it. Sadly, the find and replace tool is not as sophisticated as I would wish. Hmmm. So I will work around that and use my memory and smarts to find the typos I remember from reading her on Kindle a month or so ago. Wish me luck! ~~ Soon come!

Now to rest me bones! and then out into the world!

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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