Great Barrier Reef II – V

My high school friend, it turns out, is in ICU from being poisoned by someone. He was in an induced coma, but is now wiggling his toes and asking for pajamas. How dear, the latter details. How could someone do such a thing? He is such a wonderful person, I just don’t understand. He and his family are in my thoughts and meditations.

Here are the rest of the loose islands in the foreground, although there are a huge multitude in the photo that I decided not to include for a less cluttered painting. Nature can do the clutter very well, not me. I have also decided to use matte colors in the space surrounding the islands, remembering that glazed colors show every brush stroke and I just don’t want to go there in this painting.

It is fairly chilly today compared to the high temperatures we’ve been enjoying, shorts and short skirts weather et al. I had to resort to pants! and long sleeves, a long raincoat, albeit chocolate and fun, and light fringed scarf today for walkies with Chipper this morning. Even for walkies at 1 PM I had to wear the coat and still felt the chill. We never had the storms that we expected, but we have had a productive and relaxing weekend nonetheless. That being said, I’m a bit ready to get OUT of the house. Hmm, maybe a Starbucks outing tomorrow? Jason has done a wonderful job of completely rearranging our planters and porch furniture behind the seclusion of the holly so that we now can sit there with coffee, check email, read, etc. We’re on the ground floor, so this will be very nice. Even the statue of St. Francis of Assisi seems happier in the light. We had to reduce our plantable area by half this year so … there you have it, less wild, a bit more Cafe, don’t you know.

I woke with a lot of neck pain and took a muscle relaxant straightaway and have had a sharp fluttering headache over my left eye that I’ve been monitoring. Earned another round with the moist heat post-painting this morning, or I would have made it further into the work. Right shoulder still bothersome, but I did for the first time do my YOGA last night, and have left the yoga mat out at the foot of the bed to facilitate practice at any time. Even with the little practice I was able to do last night, I felt exhilarated and happy at bedtime — so amazing and fulfilling. Have to catch myself like a fleeting bee or butterfly when resting to say, hey, the breath, remember, meditate, you, silly. Hee. So I’m still under some stress from something … trying to calm down.

Fair also to say that I’m sipping merlot in the background since yesterday afternoon here and there for Jason at my request on his offer got some for me, but the bottle is humongous size. Chinese dinner this week which is superfun and sensual for me each night to prepare — so looking forward to that.

Made more good progress on editing Rebekah’s Closet — should be a cinch to wrap her up and get the new version out in a few weeks/days? We shall see.

Loving the idea now of this little enclave on the porch for us/me/friends. Last year the chairs were all out in the open and I never thought to ask about moving them behind the holly tree ’til now. So funny. We live in a very adaptable environment. We just need to be more creative and assertive. Sometimes change is just needing to think about how things could be different? Simple. Sometimes not, sometimes so. Worth a try.

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