Great Barrier Reef II – V

Still a bit blustery today, so sweat pants, clogs, tissue turtleneck, fluttering silver scarf and hoodie, my fave soft brown clogs — SOCKS! who knows what socks are anymore after the sandals and flip flops have been out for SO very long now it seems — alas, but I turn to them again … we may have to coddle the herbs we planted one evening this week when it dips down near to below freezing temperatures … crazy — but this is Spring as well.

Even so, the strange strange sight of LEAVES are showing on the trees and indeed it seemed such a long, though so mild, but they seem so foreign. I was just enjoying the snow pink petals and now the wind has taken them to the street in just piles and loads of them and the freshest of greens … I want to paint geometric shapes in these colors. When it rained over the weekend and the most beautiful contrasts of charcoal and black occurred with the whites and pinks and purples and new greens — oh my. The painter was alive!

I read Chopra last night while resting for the third bout on the moist heating pad, that the time for seeking wholeness is NOW. I read just that little some four paragraphs of intro into the sections of ten steps to wholeness and put the book down, to absorb that, and was quite happy meditating. I read it to Jason as well. I would have read it to Chipper but he I’m quite sure is already whole and lives each day to its fullest.

YET, I felt no urge to get out of bed this morning. Nothing I said to encourage myself out of the warmth and comfort of the bed could stir me. How very sad. Because one would quite think the opposite. I did get up eventually and found a bright day and burst of energy after some food and coffee and noticed it after some nice bright purple, not shocking mind you, eyeshadow and finding my lost eyelashes with the mascara. One of my younger alters told me that they were supersonic eyelashes when we were out in the brisk wind among the pollen and such, and that we must use them strategically, which made me giggle out loud. It’s fun having alters who think magically sometimes.

My high school friend has now been moved to a regular room, thankfully, and says he’ll be back to his regular activities (re: whirlwind) soon. I advised him on FB to do so when he is really better, but that I’m glad he’s feeling so much better. Yay! I say this as a former whirlwind myself, subject of multiple serious burnouts, when I was still working full-time, read, OVER-time.

We saw a marvelous period film called Princess Keiulani (sp?) over the weekend, well-done, about a Hawaiian princess from around the time that Hawaii became a US Territory and she gained suffrage for her people. It is a wonderful, though tragic story that I highly recommend.

That new blue area is a mix of Prussian, Cobalt Blue Hue, Titanium White, and my mix of the turquoise you see above, along with a bit of acrylic glazing liquid to make it a bit glossy and smooth. I also painted gray three edges of the Wild Peony series, so they are a bit closer to being out of the studio. I remembered what I learned growing up, If you are to do something, anything, do it well. Puritan Work Ethic? Well, I agree, to the infinite detail.

And although I need (need?) a pedicure due to three chips in the perfect polished toes now, I more dearly need the moist heat pack and some rest, to get this headache to go away. And we shall see if there be time before cooking the chicken for this week’s Chinese chicken for stirfry … for the pedi. Mayhap so?

Last time I walked by, after washing my last brush from painting, Chipper had a smile on his face. Yes, he is the Buddha.

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