New Peony Sketch

Now, I seriously doubt you can see a darn thing of that sketch, try as hard as I might to photograph it for you, so here is the original photograph from which I sketched it:

So maybe that will help you get a little idea of how maybe possibly this one will start out, though not all all how it will end up, right?

I’ve been spending a good deal of time making changes to the Shop section and the individual painting sections of my website at The point of which is to move art into your home! Ultimately. You see we’re literally running out of room to store art in ours! We plan to have an Art Open House around late May if you live in the area, or plan to come thisaway. So, if you’ve been looking at my artwork, say, since 2008 or earlier, and thought you’d like to own an original, now would be a good time to take another look at the pricing. I’ve only made it to the 2008 section, retroactively, and haven’t yet finished that section, but plan to by the end of the day, stopping to work on today’s sketch and blog. But you get the idea.

Prices have dropped by the hundreds, mainly because I am no longer planning to archivally scan each original prior to releasing it to the buyer, which is a huge savings right there. I had from the very beginning of painting thought that folks might be interested in limited edition prints, so have been getting archival scans all along as originals sold.

But no more! Because this art has got to move!

No change on the photography prints, but you can buy those up, too! Note that I switched to digital in 2008, so pre-digital there is a scan cost included, post-digital, they are somewhat cheaper to produce, although the metallic print is my favorite to sell because they are so darned pretty.

We did in fact go to Barnes & Noble today and I found a new Muse cd, a collection of Pablo Neruda poetry and some pretty stationery. Yay! It is lovely out.

Still with the neck pain, so am very much looking forward to physical therapy tomorrow.

Jason has cooked up some marvelous chicken on his own recipe which of course, is yum — for the week — and I’m on the cauliflower and zucchini upon my return from pt tomorrow evening.

Very excited about the new peony painting, but to rest me now.

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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