Wild Peony VIII – I

Here is the beginning — using a mix of colors I like to call Rosewood — Burnt Umber, Napthol Red Medium (or any dark red would do really) and a hint of Titanium White, a bit of acrylic glaze for smoothness. Yum! I think this painting will be a bit on the Art Deco side similar to the others, a bit Asian Art Deco, Latin American Asian Art Deco if you will? not sure still where these are coming from, hee, but I like.

Got up out of bed when Jason left at 5:15 am and it’s been a very productive day. See I was already in so much neck pain that I didn’t want to be rolling around in that fitfulness and worry about being late to physical therapy at the same time. So I got up instead, and it was a good choice. Almost finished adjusting the prices of the rest of my paintings, to 1993! Should be able to wrap that up in the morning, because I’m quite tired of the task at the moment, in preparation for this month’s email update. Hopefully more art will go forth into the world, out from our closets! Yes!

Physical therapy could not have been more rewarding. She not only did the evaluation, but she released me from a great deal of shoulder and neck pain. I cannot TELL you how much I have wanted someone to hit those very spots professionally for lo these many weeks? and she did just that. I am just wordless. Very profound relief, and this is just the beginning. I see her again on Thursday for the full beginning of treatment and exercises for me to do. Yay!

We watched a great movie over the weekend, The Help. It was nerve-wrackingly honest for me and I scratched myself silly all over it was so stressful for me but I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, especially those on the right side of the civil/human rights issues. It also made me homesick, and sick. I feel like an exile a lot of the time, and it really hit home. See Rebekah’s Closet. For why. Etc. Oh well. I am a survivor and that is the best blessing. I am so glad the movie was made and so well made.

In Deepak Chopra now he’s talking about vision questing and mine is to heal physically and on all levels (from the abuse). And then — to be the best I can be creatively — to continue to seek inspiration and give — on all levels.

To ice my neck for ten and back to heat for thirty.

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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