Wild Peony VIII – III

A.k.a. oh what a little lilac can do … it totally changes the movement of the painting, I think. What fun!

Sorry to be so late on the blog today but I was having lunch with a dear friend today and then I was writing the update email for April, which will hopefully go out tomorrow afternoon, since I have physical therapy in the morning. Yay! Lots to report!

It is such a lovely, warm day today. I’m wearing far too much clothing! A somewhat somber violet gray 3/4 sleeve dress from Anthropologie with a front that requires a camisole, in this case chocolate. Non, c’est trop chaud maintenant, it requires a change of clothing for the evening walkies. And hurray!

I fear that tomorrow will be cooler however, and Easter only up to 69 degrees Fahrenheit. I did call today to check on the progress of my hopefully Easter botanical print skirt, and they said, Oh no, I should pick it up on Saturday to be safe, although it should be ready by Friday evening. Such a busy time for them, I didn’t anticipate dropping off such a task for them at this time of year. They are friendly to me all year long, I really didn’t think. So yes, Saturday is fine. No worries.

How very silly and exciting all at once.

The garden is growing in spite of us not getting any new plants since the new herbs. We’ve been tending and nipping and watering of course, but it’s fairly bursting with life. Last year’s hosta has doubled in size, and the lemon thyme and oregano that came back are also going at it so well! It’s just such a hopeful time of year, before the heat comes burning down on everything.

Jason’s on his way home now so I’ll take Chipper a bit early since he’s bugging me in the hallway, post-clothes-lightening. Et voila — another day has shone!

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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