Jardin Nouveau!

Today Jason almost casually said we could also go by the nursery and get some new plants as we ran errands for the week. Really? I said, Yes! So, with no plan in mind, we selected plants randomly, for our mostly shade porch. Above you see Yarrow! and an unknown to us foliage plant free to grow in its own container. I’ve wanted Yarrow for many many years but have always forgotten it. Usually it is a Sun plant, so we will see how it will do for us, a perennial, that butterflies are said to adore! Beside it you see the huge shielding Holly tree and the two cafe chairs where we hope to have little cafe moments this year. Last year they were in the Sun and there were no cafe moments.

Above you see what most passersby will see passing by our porch going to the rental office, which is right next to us, or going to the pool in the Summer, or going to their apartment. You can see our much adored St. Francis of Assisi statue who inspires us greatly, as well as other plants I’ll note upon later. You can also see our hanging basket, which this year has Oxeye Daisy, Black something Vine and something blue vine. I’m so good with names, but it should be a rather spooky trio. Usually we do peach begonias and call it a day.

And here you see our humble porch. We regret the fixins for the Weber grill under the birdcage but that is the best place to store the coal and lighter fluid? eh? maybe we should rethink the aesthetics of that. Otherwise … humble it is. The birdcage beauty was left in the dumpster by a fellow renter a few years ago!

Here you find on the left, a variety of pincushion flower or scabiosa, and on the right, elephant ear and Oxeye daisy, a yellow variety. I have wanted the pincushion flower, another Sun lover for many years now, and lo. Lo. I have it. Butterflies may come?

We also found an adorable hummingbird feeder which we will fill this week and add to the hanging hook. Last year one or several came three times, but, yet, we had nothing for them. We regrette …

Oh so many things to describe here. In the upper right, a lush purple rose that came back, bloomed twice last year — this year? hmmm? Below that, a Red Begonia. Front center, a red flower I forget the name of although I have the tag in the pot still if you really want to know … for the hummingbirds? The hosta that returns each year and blooms late Summer above that … the left of which are mixed Nasturtiums … above which are two herbs, Lemon Thyme, Oregano and to the right of the box a tall growing shade plant.

And finally, the little bird bath we got at last year’s Renaissance Festival, below which is a tall blooming blue flower the name of which is escaping me at the moment … ahhhh .. above which are to the left, oregano, rosemary, sage in the front, back basil, tiny growing lavender, then more oregano. One of the oreganos is Greek but we no longer know which. Hee.

So my back had a huge workout today, not to mention my hands, arms, and neck. Jason helped me a lot when it counted — with the big blue flower mentioned above, and with all the groceries, etc — but now I must rest me. Hee. I feel so fulfilled. I can’t wait, really, to get a big bag of good mulch and tuck everyone in before the true heat of the season comes and care for them, watch them flesh out, stretch their wings and grow. We shall see!

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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