Wild Peony X

Yesterday I was very very blue and achey. Overnight the muscle spasm in my neck kept me up amid fighting nightmares. So, not quality sleep. I picked up the Skelaxin the surgeon prescribed last Wednesday and lo, but it did help, for I slept. I had the haircut and it did not cheer me, as it usually does, for if you may recall, I usually feel like a newly washed pup. No, it cheered but not in the usual way. So, I took a Skelaxin, 800 mg pill, with great hope. And Lo, lo, it did help. I slept straight through blog time.

But lo at 4 pm I woketh, refreshed but only to hear the upstairs toddler screaming and the upstairs Mommy stomping and saying, We must make her stop crying somehow. Hmm. So I started listening. I have not stopped listening, sadly. For I did not sleep. At eleven thirty pm I called the nonemergency police for a child welfare check because I heard the child fall again from the bed but not cry this time, for she falls from the bed and cries, often. I.e., get another type of bed? Something? So they ran to her, the big sister and Mommy and tried to revive and quietly talked for some thirty minutes until I could stand it no longer and called the police. And they came and took the Mommy away. She came back some time later mad as a hornet. Then Dad came back from work late shift he worketh, at 3:45 or so and says he is going to tell me to eff off right there and then so little sleep I got. Then around five forty five or six am the police and ambulance came for another check and this time the child ran back and forth for them happily so they went away. Scared I am and all is sleeping and some stomping up there but we are all scared to do anything. Bah. I just want to say I care about the welfare of the child. And mind your temper and learn what to do when the child cries, and get a bed she won’t fall out of?


Had physical therapy this am and it hurt but twas better for almost no neck tightness due to regular intervals of Skelaxin. Now we are trying to identify the problem with the left shoulder, so she worked greatly with the tightness in the upper spine and etc, etc. Yow but good!

So. A sketch to come .. of a new peony photo for you!

Reading The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga by Chopra now and am literally stunned by the question Who am I? No joke, but how does someone with over 20 alters answer this? so, I’m working on it. Kinda funny in a way, though. I have to laugh sometimes.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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