Wild Peony X – III

Yesterday Jason was feeling a bit under the weather and I was achey and on the moist heat pack for three sessions, meditating and not acting on any creative points. Indeed, it was much cooler, and is even cooler today, requiring two sweaters each day, and a raincoat today.

I do wish I could write the blog I would like to write about last night … it was much wilder in ways I am surprised to say that I cannot relate for someone’s seventy-fifth family birthday party, but what can I say. I myself just took two Tylenol for a slight headache, having had a bit more than my two glass minimum of red wine, and having not toasted even with a sip of champagne. I will say that both there and back, especially back, the drive was exceedingly scary, rainy, and dangerous. I thanked Jason profusely for being such a brave driver on such wet roads, having had a very bad hydroplaning car accident myself in 1998, which resulted in the back injury for which I had surgery in 2000 and for which I will be evaluated yet again in physical therapy this Friday. People were driving like madmen around us and we were not happy about them. The best part of the night was what was supposed to happen, however, Jason’s Mom Arlene had a great time. That’s what counts, and we made it safely home into our jammies. Yes.


Today I have two doctor appointments. Tomorrow I have two doctor appointments, and then I have one each day after that. Sigh. It’s what I do when I have pt and counseling, but then today I have a quarterly and an annual appointment so everything got a little shifted.

So I’m writing and painting a little early. Jason did all the cooking except for roasting the white asparagus, which I will do after I get home from the last appointment this afternoon. Yum.

A bit of tangerine is what I’m thinking … and I’m also thinking green … and gray and luscious chocolate …. hmmm …. Oh and the leaves came in on the trees while it’s been raining quite by surprise and blow about in the most wonderful way despite the raindrops on our heads …


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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