Wild Peony X – V

Today walkies were more than a bit upsetting, as they have begun work finally on the park, where there has been a protected wetland since 2003, when we moved here, and before as far as we know. The huge beautiful library was built right next to it, and we have watched all sorts of wildlife meet and mate there all these years. I have photographed it, sketched, painted and adored it throughout the seasons.

I meant to say several days ago that I’ve been watching three adult bunnies play beside the brush, run and hide when we walk by, only to peek out and return when I nod and curry favor with gentle words. Chipper is oblivious, seeking only scents among the clover and grasses, something else to leave his scents on. Two days ago I saw a red-wing blackbird has returned, as they have for many years, among the fifteen foot reeds.

NO. Today there are huge dump trucks and mowers and even where it says no mowing today apparently the final plan for the park, which I have seen the designs for, which I like, with their diamond shaped fountains, and such, but I thought, see I thought, somehow, we’d be gone, or somehow they would do this without … such incredible disruption. Today. For one of the bunnies was racing beside the remaining brush and looked up at me, like, what? where? to go? and he was close to the library side, not the great wood side. And they mow and mow and I can only hope that bunny was wise and ran and ran and did not hide … sigh.

See I trust Maryland and Montgomery County so very much. I have seen their wisdom countless times and I do see their cleanliness and hope for goodness and love living here.


Okay, tomorrow I will walk Chipper again and we shall watch the progress enfold with hope and change occurs and we need to be as willows that bend. And sometimes we run and sometimes we hide. Sometimes we flow as water flows around the rocks. Sometimes we are the rocks and are imperceptibly shaped by the water.

I am blessed that we are able to print up 500 bookmarks for the May 19 Gaithersburg Book Festival for Rebekah’s Closet. Now, I must say, if you are following me, you should read her. For she is a journey that is part of me. Simply go to www.amyjackson.cc and follow the links to her and go from there … I thought maybe we could have a read along with me chapter by chapter here in the blog but that kind of defeats the purpose of the personal journey through the book …

So I uploaded the layout for the bookmark, with a sample of the original painting on the front, and Rebekah’s Closet … A Survivor’s Tale … with several magical endings … based on a true story (mine) …

And we plan to have an Open House on Saturday, June 16, with postcards for those, which I intend to lay out tomorrow … more on that to come … you all come !! and if you can’t it’s fifteen percent off from June first to midnight EST June 16th … so there’s a bit of incentive to get some of my artwork on your walls or at least a down payment?

And speaking of … time to paint now!

So the yellow is easing the red a lot … now to bed to process … enjoie!


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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