Wild Peony V – VI

So they did leave some wildness in the bog, but upon looking back in some relief, I was disheartened to see yellow industrial equipment, smack in the middle of the pond where the geese have been mating, where the huge turtles live, where the frogs have been calling, etc., etc. Sigh. I do so hope and pray that they are going to be fair about all of this. And again, seeing that right where I saw the bunny scuttling for cover yesterday, right there, they left the littlest bit of cover, and in front of that, a good deal of cover. The fifteen-foot reeds survived as well.

We saw Reggie, the much-aged Irish Terrier since we’ve seen him last, on walkies as well, and his Mom said it may be the last we see of him, for his back legs are going and all he wants to do is lay abed, also due to allergies. I looked deeply into his eyes and we touched noses, while Chipper darted around us irreverently. I gave his back a check and a bit of a light massage and sure enough, each section is so tight, so very tight and arthritic. We parted ways and crossed the street toward the bog then.

Last night before I could sleep, before I could put the dratted earplugs in, which feel like some sort of silencing hall or well, especially if I’m not quite sleepy, I listened instead to music on the IPod — Cocteau Twins, Bobby McFerrin’s Circle Songs (which I often and cannot recommend enough), and lastly Ceremonials by Florence and the Machine, which I had not heard on the IPod before. Wow. Simply brilliant she and they are, well, all three groups of course. Bobby McFerrin’s wailing and cooing touched what hurt me so deeply I was wincing and relaxing and touched in ways I had not realized that I needed. then Florence and the Machine, well, simply brilliant and distracting from my life and everything from the week, into a new journey, life-shifting, transformative and revelatory. Good that. Needed that. Good dreams after.

Oh, the Chupacabra was stomping all through mind you but I was beyond … and then … quiet through the night … somewhere through … late morning … the earplugs fell out … I don’t know when, and I didn’t put them back in. My bad.

Right at dawn, a deep thud, and the teen says, Mom, she fell out of the bed again! Sh–! says the Mom and gets out bed eventually. Then all is quiet for like thirty minutes, no crying, from no one, no movement … and the three of them are in there. No Dad tonight from the late shift? I don’t hear him or know where he is … Just Mom, the teen and the … toddler who has fallen to the floor for the umpteenth time from that blasted bed … I hear two or three times the Mom say the words Ambulance, Ambulance in some kind of dissociated non-rushed voice … but I don’t hear them use the phone … then I hear different, heavier steps in their hallway eventually, and her say, She fell, she fell, and then in a more affected voice, She fell, poor dear, like she cared more … before she went into her bedroom above mine with the teen and didn’t come out. I have no idea what is happening.

Then I think the teen leaves for school or something on time.

Then at the normal time for the toddler to be up and saying Mommy, Mommy and running around she is not. There is only the sound of the Mom getting stuff done, getting herself cleaned up and doing stuff, cleaning stuff up. Then she leaves right before walkies.

There has been no one up there since then. So I don’t know what to think. Stay tuned …

I finished the June 16th Open House post card layout and forgot that only one side is supposed to have color — eep? so we may have to go grayscale for the artwork on the address side. But it’s so pretty — hee — we shall see — color costs — boocoo!

I only have the one doctor appointment today — go figure — at 1:40 pm — my lower back evaluation. I got released for my neck and shoulder yesterday morning, although my neck is still stiff and spazzy — in about 4-5 months it should cool out she said and I can do my full yoga routine, i.e., Downward Dog (!) and forward bends, etc. But my right shoulder is another issue. She said I may need to see the shoulder surgeon who did my left shoulder and get more pt for it. She did all sorts of painful releases on it but no, no. Nanette.

My plan for my right shoulder is to indeed see the shoulder surgeon who I adore (he not only “did” my left shoulder beautifully, but my hands) and get the pt script, exercises, and live with it until such time, 1-2 years, let’s hope, I can no longer “live” with the pain and discomfort. For to have surgery on the right shoulder would truly be incapacitating. NO painting, driving, typing with the left hand, brushing the teeth with the left hand. I have memories from having surgery on the right hand, that although the left hand is a trooper, it is no right hand, thank you. (Says the right hand proficiently, albeit nonverbally.)

I took it upon myself to freshen our space considerably. Ran a load of light-colored laundry. Stripped the bed and sprayed it with Tea Rose perfume and recovered, onto which Chipper immediately jumped and spread … himself … a while later I moved him and tucked in … myself for a quick rest.

Now have been up to write this for a while … now to paint!

My bookmark is ready for approval! let’s go see … enjoie!


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