Italco II – I

Oh this one is super-sensual and cathartic, primal as all get out, spilling out from me, from the brush. I am remembering and learning how to layer with colors, contrasting and veining, remembering all the rocks and mountains I have studied and adored over my lifetime? Yes. Ahhh. Yes.

Wearing a blush loose short beach ruffled dress today that feels as light as air. Live for days as warm and humid as this. Yes I said HUMID. MMMM. The porch door is open for it as well, and I will spot water the plants as needed today. Sooo glad I mulched yesterday. Did not look in the direction of the park workmen as they gravelled and shovelled today for I do not want to be in the habit, as I learned quickly during the building of the library, one does not want to be in the habit.

Good walkies, lovely floral and lush green scents in the damp air. Almost forest. Hoping for a hike among the Cathedral of Trees this weekend, no matter what? Hoping. Does a soul and body good, us both.

Jason gave the go ahead for the massage, which I was able to schedule with the ever-booked Vicky … for May 15 — oh, yes. For she knows my ailments and me. It’s worth waiting. She also knows when to chat and when to work and can chat and work at the same time, which some are not able to do, me included.

Did my exercises so well yesterday that I had a great trouble sleeping last night, hence the massage.

Will be sending out the email update today — yay! For those of you who follow the blog you already know everything so no worries there. Mate.

May send another blog today if I paint more. Yes, I may.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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