Italco II – V

I tried unsuccessfully to grow Delphinium from seed, but this year we found a big pot of them for 14.99, fully grown. What LUCK! and here there are just beginning to bloom! Deepest cobalt blue … with backlight …

and here from the front, with the delicious black centers …

and here are the somewhat spooky Oxeye Daisies …

and here is the incredibly snuggley and always adorable Chipper on the chaise lounge, answering the question, Are you happy?

yes, that glint in the eye has to be joy?

bliss …

in pt this morning I reported and she confirmed that my back is not as stiff and neither are my hips. I continue to master the dreaded, and becoming less so, stomach crunch with the exercise ball. This is great news! I see the spine surgeon on Wednesday morning for the six-week follow-up for my neck, and will report the right shoulder. We shall see goodly on the one and herm, on the other.

One thing at the time.

And now to paint. (I’m leaving out La Chupacapra for the time being because it is quite confusing these days and I’m as I said before, leaving it in the good officer’s hands … for now … he is to get back with me …)

With this, although it may look like a tribal, primal undertaking, which it is, and soooo cathartic after so many pretty wild detailed peonies … I definitely keep looking back at the original amazing rock face photo (emphasis on amazing Nature, not my photo, all I had to do was stand still and focus) (and watch for falling rock, apparently) (anyhoo) I have to get the colors down and this is not easy. I love the challenges of this piece. I love the catharsis. I love being messy on canvas so long as I can go over. Thank you creators of acrylics. Thank you again and again. Plasticity. The positives. Cheers.

Oh. I have finished editing the typos of Rebekah’s Closet and do BELIEVE I have found them all. Here is my sacred secret. Shhh. In the original version, going back to 1984 in dream thinking in college to actual writing it down … to 1986 … there was a unnamed male character (secret secret secret) and I checked with his estate and they said NOOOO he cannot be your character, NOOOO. But … so I had to dub him out and give all his fantastic adventures to Rebekah, not that she minded one bit, but some of the he’s were still he’s, and needed to be she’s don’t you know, and whatnot. ANYHOO. I think I got them all this time among the cognac and the champagne and the standing and the falling to the floor and … well you would … etc. have to know …


While I update the Kindle and the Amazon files this week you shouldn’t be trying to buy them, so. Kindly wait this week until next week or until they say they are available again and don’t be freaking out. That’s what is going on. They shall be shiny new and this time with page numbers. Yes. Handy.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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