Italco II Finitti

Yesterday I had to rush Chipper to the vet, for persistent diarrhea and a strong limp, on his pit bull scar side. They gave him meds for both, took x-rays of his shoulders and elbow, did more maintenance things for him, and I brought him home. I had to take a lunch appointment, and had so much adrenaline my hands were shaking more than a lot.

When I got home I basically shut down, not wanting to leave his side, nor he mine, which is normal for him. See, they put him on a pain med, for a start of ten days, but it sounded like it’s for the rest of his life because it’s arthritis. And that scares me. Cause I’m his Mom. So I freaked. They also said no more long walkies in the mornings for ten days, because he needs his rest.

This morning as we rounded the loop for the inside of the apartment complex, during which he had rested four times and gone slowly due to the limp, he got a spark in his eye and looked and me like, don’t you want to go that way, outside the complex? And I told him, Rest, for ten days, your shoulder and elbow, your limp, Rest, ten days. And he understood and we went slowly toward the door. Sleepies for Chipper I said.

I’m a bit afraid to do more than loving touch on his shoulder and mid-back until we get the results of the x-rays. The vet’s system was down yesterday, thought they may even need a new server, even their x-rays are digital. So we’ll see.

Trying to be positive, but I’m the Mom. I worry.

So, no appointments today ’til noon, my counselor. She said I should continue to walk, but I feel silly and tired today. Wierd to walk by myself. I may walk to the store, though, and get a prescription. If I have a purpose, a purposeful walk. That’s different. In a long white linen getup. Right.

Italco feels almost done. My energy’s fairly shut down, depleted at the moment, so I’ll rest for a bit with Chipper to get something stirred up …

now it’s 1:40 and I’m back from errands and counseling … sipping the vino for Happy it is the Friday once again! Iron and Wine on the Radio Paradise, Sun slipping in through the blinds just right, perfect light for painting … and I’ve been shaking all day … I think out of fear for Chipper? deep breaths and repositioning …

Although since the surgery I’ve noticed that my legs shake, my arms shake, maybe even before then, yes, before then — I have just had a big bout of it yesterday and today, nerves … adrenaline — yoga does help …

I called the vet and they still are catching up on the computer down time from yesterday — soon come. Mom.

To paint then. My hands don’t shake when I paint. I’m blessed.

Well, I decided I needed to leave Italco II be. It is not as pristine as Italco I, or as the orignal Natural one in the photo. It is quite primal, actually, quite wild. Perhaps it needs to be.

Now I am drawn back to the Wild Peony Series and to the Tropical Landscape Series. Hmmmmm. We shall see. Tomorrow.

It is primal and wild. On the website it shows just below Italco I and it is dark and I’m glad I went there. It was and remains a challenge, this Italco. I may return, and will definitely return to Lincoln County, the series. Mmmm, rocky.

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