Hanakapiai Beach – II

It is a drizzly, rainy, kind of soothing, comforting in a way, day. Chipper has the Blues, however. I just brushed him, he has had two massages, and I just now gave him more nubbies, so he is at my feet by the computer. We decided yesterday that our Open House day should also be Chipper’s Day, and why not? He will love it! I just reminded him of it and he wagged his tail, his eyes brightened, and hopefully that cheered him a bit.

Need to head out now for the shoulder inspection. Will paint when I return. Have spent the majority of the day getting Open House cards addressed for mail on Thursday. Yay. Takes time, but a fun project with the database labels and the handwritten notes, the hand addressing, more notes, exclamation points. The marketing, don’t you know. I love this sort of thing.

So the shoulder surgeon thinks it may be a torn rotator cuff and ordered an MRI, which I tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday. I can’t get surgery anytime soon, but at least I would know the situation. Hard to believe. Well, I will wait for the results before I speculate.

When I came home I took Chipper out and he was very ill, so I took a poopie sample to the vet and waited for the results, to see what med(s) he needed.

There was a little girl there playing by herself with blocks in the waiting room, maybe two-three years old. Strange. I mean it couldn’t be a safer, friendlier office, but dogs come in and out and sometimes they have altercations. So I looked out for her, and she came right up to me with her blocks just then. No worries. I pulled out my Kindle and just hung out, letting her play quietly beside me, with one eye on her.

Then a guy with a cell phone comes toward her and she screams, Stop! Okay, he says, Daddy stop. He smiles at me, I got this, he says, and she runs to him. He explains that their cat is in kidney failure, dying fast in the other room. That the Mom is taking it hard, with tears in his own eyes. I’ll watch her, no worries, I said. I’m just waiting for test results, I said. You will? his eyes welling up? Thank you so much, he said. Really. Thank you.

So she continues to play with blocks. Legos. She puts her fingers in the holes but has absolutely no interest in putting the blocks to together. There is a glass, thankfully very thick glass, window separating the children’s play box from the CAT and DOG waiting areas, because at one point she starts banging the blocks on the glass. No, I say, that could break the glass, Not good, I say, No, and look to the staff for help. She shrieks and her Dad comes out just then. Yay!

It’s time to say Bye Bye to Mr. Kitty, he says and looks at me. Oh, I said. Okay, and I look away, giving them space, from the time they go into the room until they come back into the CAT area, because Dad is crying. Mom is still in the room with Mr. Kitty for a long time.

The child recovers from her grief suddenly and goes to the blocks again and starts throwing them for volleys into the main area, which Dad in his grief really can’t handle right now. I go and get two of them. Thank you he says, picking up the rest.

He leaves her to the blocks and goes to pay but she is now on the raised seating area running wild. I go and kind of monitor her wildness for them. The Mom has come out and is truly stricken, her eyes barely open from crying. She heads for the bathroom. Dad comes back just as the child is falling from the seating area into his arms and I return to my seat just as Mom comes out. I nod at him, yeah, no worries.

So I’m still there for a while and flag down a staff person and they have been so busy they forgot to tell me that there were no parasites and we figure out that the next step is Drontal or something, deworming, which he hasn’t had in two years. Kay. Headed home. Yay.

Get home and befriend a neighbor with my phone who’s locked out of his apartment. Then his phone rings. It’s maintenance calling him back to help him out. No worries.

It’s Tuesday now.

This is this first cross-day blog I’ve done, but what can I say … stuff happens …


Counseling at eleven today then a massage … last night pain in my shoulders and lower back woke me up … I’m due. And Home Depot for more “eyes” and wire and the dry cleaners for my last maxi skirt, the mod polyester maxi. Woo.

Chipper’s better today. The vet called last night and said come off the pain med for a bit until he gets the dewormer. He’s limping more today, poor fellow. What a balancing act. But he seems in good spirits, gone to bed now for sleepies.

Will paint a bit for you now, because I’m of a feeling that I will want to rest when I come in from everything post-massage?

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