Hanakapiai Beach – III

Chipper’s health is up and down along with his dear mood. Usually he is bright eyed and the proverbial bushy-tailed, but lately, every other day it seems, he is down and in need of comfort. We don’t mind comforting him AT ALL, but it worries us, TO NO END. We’ve decided to take him back to the vet tomorrow if he isn’t better. He started the probiotic yesterday as well, and the dewormer on Tuesday. Something’s gotta give. He was ill again today, however. We shall see. He had good walkies for me this morning, in fair spirits, but was down for Jason this morning, so we are watchful.

Picked up the third maxi skirt this morning, wasn’t ready yesterday after all, and, if possible, it is cooler than the other two. All due a) the mod swingy fabric, and b) the talents of the dry cleaner ladies.

Then, in physical therapy, my back, for the first time ever, needed NO adjustment, which means a) that I’ve been doing my exercises, and b) that after Thursday next week I have no more pt appointments for my back! woo hoo woo hoo!

Here are the some film photos from the VAULT:


Hide and seek as it were, oh, here’s one to look at …

Just love that completely handmade, hand-painted, neon sign …

Had to cut off the W partially for some reason, don’t remember why now … something about the surrounding environs … ruined the pic otherwise …

Will be doing more hand-addressing Open House cards today, a small remainder, and sending a bulk to the art supply store where I used to work, then saving the rest to hand out at the Gaithersburg Book Festival this Saturday. Then, hanging artwork rest of the day, and resting.

My masseuse nipped my persistent neck muscle spasm in the bud yesterday! I’ve had that since March! Rock! She also bought a copy of Rebekah’s Closet, pre-paid, sight unseen, ten of which should arrive today for Saturday …

Now to paint …

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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