St. Lucia Sandbar – II

So there is a tornado warning right now in the immediate area. Now, I like me a tornado warning, when I’m all safe and awake. I don’t like ’em when I’m in bed asleep and can’t run. You need to be able to run. Just sayin.

Me an Chipper are ready for anything, yes we are.

Not feeling particularly well today, had the achies, particularly in the right shoulder, since I woke up, and have felt as though I have a sinus infection, ahhh, here comes the rain, that’s a good sign, it’s broken, the tension in the air. At least in my mind, coming from Georgia where tornadoes abound, it’s good when that happens, but what do I know with global warming? Anyhoo, so looking forward to another good night’s sleep and a new day tomorrow. Supposed to be good weather tomorrow. Meeting a friend at the National Gallery of Art for some photography and Rothko. Hard to beat.

Counseling was good, we kept it light, because I almost passed out right off when we talked about me reading the second chapter of Rebekah’s Closet to a crowd. ‘Kay, maybe I can’t do that. Then I said maybe a freeform abuse description chapter where I talk about Viet Nam … dizzy, almost passed out. Hey, maybe not! So, we will talk about that in a few sessions from now. What was I thinking? this public speaking? Heh. As it is, I get major adrenaline surges with the public anything, much less things like child abuse that make me dissociate. Hmmm. This should be interesting.

So I got the half cheesesteak sammy and came home, drank the Bedtime Tea and Muse was on World Stage for an hour on Palladia. Kewl. A bit too raucous even for me today tho. So I painted.

Now as you well know, I must rest.

Happy Friday!

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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