Update of Sorts

So yesterday I had a great lunch with a friend and then went to my physical therapy evaluation for bursitis or impingement in my right shoulder. Yow. I mean, really. I was all out of whack: my neck vertebrae, my ribs, my spine through the middle of my back, and my right shoulder blade was “completely depressed.” Oh. So, all that had to be fixed. That hurt a lot, I must say, and continues to right now. I’m sure it will feel better tomorrow. I told her to do what she had to do. I asked her how these things happen, I mean, I used to throw my body around, into chairs, into the car, into bed, you know, but no longer, not for a LONG time do I do that. I am gently gently going with the body now. And yoga and well, lots of TLC round the clock for me. She said that as we get older “things compress.” Hmmm, ‘kay. I figure also, as I’m trying to get that right arm into the sleeve and my pain level shoots to ten every time, there is a counter reaction of something and my shoulder blade is affected, but, really.

So no painting yesterday. Haven’t painted yet today and won’t have time before leaving for counseling in a few minutes. Have a six month follow-up appointment with the urologist at one pm, but surely I can paint before then.

Feeling better mostly on the respiratory infection front, although I had a slight fever on Sunday night. Argh. But slept heavily last night and the night before, so that is good.

Chipper is back on the pain med as of Saturday and sees the vet this Saturday for his rabies vaccination and to check his gait. We shall see. He is on short walkies ’til then. We are kind of okay with that. But it is a huge difference, for sure. We are adapting.

So I was hoping to paint today but am needing to take it very easily.

My blood pressure was high again at the urologist. 137 over something. So I just reported it to the pcp and they want to do an ekg tomorrow. I also had double vision today. Some tiny chest pains. Lots of dizziness and lots of shakiness. I had just chalked this up to the virus. In addition, I have two more angles of doctors, one on Thursday with the gynecologist, who insisted I come in, ’cause they love me, and one on Monday with the psychiatrist, likewise. I can’t see enough doctors, apparently. I have to get to the resolution of the shaking somehow. We shall see.

‘Til then, I’ma rest me. Chipper is pleased to have me beside him. I heated up the heat pad  and he is now resting comfortably where I would have been. I don’t have the heart to move it or him. He deserves it anyhoo. Take care until later.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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