Okefenokee V

With paint under my fingernails from a hasty washing of hands ? where usually I am thorough and catch every bit ? (heh) nonetheless I am posting the painting and I am liking her. The watery section is coming along much better than I had hoped in recent days and I decided to add vines that are not in the painting. Implicit vineage. Drippage. Snakeage. Heh. It wouldn’t be Okfenokee without that now would it? Really. I’m also really really x really wanting to delve into my own stash of photos of Okefenokee for paintings now. So … stay tuned.

Had to take another Lunesta … lest … I not get any more sleep last night … than I would have otherwise. At midnight or so. For about four hours straight before that, with every breath, another alter/personality was offering me her random time perspective, i.e., flashback. And I do mean random. Barcelona? 1973? No, 1984? No, 1996? No, … agh! Every breath and I’m not kidding! It was more than I could really keep up with. But what can I do.

For the past several weeks, as usual when a body gets sick, meditation is hard to maintain. It’s just hard to be peaceful when you’re not able to breathe well, to focus on the breath. But that’s what I intend to get back to when I’m able to breathe better, yessiram/ee.

Sigh. I mean really. What kind of virus is this? Effing a. It does not deserve the capitalization.

Jason made us a great turkey burger and me a great cup of bedtime tea with honey, went to the store for provisions, cough drops, etc.

Was able to order his IPad and it should be here in a few days. Yay! I feel rich beyond words to be able to do that for him. Plus I love supporting the genius which is the Apple world.

I just listened to the latest mix of our cover Frontier by Chris Whitley. It gets better every time. Jason says it’s almost there. Jason is a wundermixer. Wunderkind. He would never admit it so I say it out loud here. LOUDLY. I’m proud of him and he never fluffs up his own feathers is why.

Lovely lovely day. Chipper is taking well to the new med mix. Yesterday tho he asked me why in his way and I told him the extra medicine was for his achies and that it did make him sleepy but that it was good. He fell back asleep. He seems to be coping well today.

The watermelon is divine. I had an amazing peach, beyond words, really, today. For lunch.  Truly that is Summer. And the tomato on the turkey burger had FLAVOR! June is almost gone, mind you, but the Nature she is providing her bounty. Enjoie! Here is our own ode to Summer …


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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