Okefenokee VI

So now the canvas has been completely covered with paint. I can go back and change anything as I like, from light to dark, tone, color, etc. I do feel that it is getting stronger though, that it is telling a story, don’t you? It draws me in. But I need more — I am not completely hypnotized, magnetized, as Nature does. So I will continue to work on this stillpoint in time, as it were. I’m very excited about this piece.

I went to the psychiatrist this morning and instead of coming down off the Cymbalta for the shakiness, she decided that the Abilify is the culprit, so I will be coming down on that. That is a bit scary, because I went up on that in November last year because I needed to for sensory hallucinations I was having and anger spurts. Bah. Oh well. Maybe I will do better now. I certainly can’t stand this shaking all the time and apparently it can’t be reverted in the long-term if it is allowed to continue. I don’t have much choice. Bah indeed. No fun.

My head is a fluff ball of virus today too. Ha! I’m not in a great mood in some ways but in other ways I’m coping okay I guess. I’m just reallllly tired of being sick.

I did practice Bordertown this morning before going to my appointment and it was not only within my vocal range, but I could noodle around expressively on it fairly easily in ways that felt emotionally appropriate. Do you know what I mean? I don’t generally like vocal gymnastics and frou frou unless the point is to be silly, when it seems like people are showing off, not expressing themselves. This felt so right, I told Jason I think it should be the first song on the album. Album. There, I’m so old school I’m still vinyl.

Chipper asked to cross the street please and so we did and went for long walkies today for the first time in quite the while and he did so well. It was very refreshing. We saw the Spanish man who does the trash at the library and he says he is well but that he is sad. I didn’t ask him why. Chipper was eating lots of grass at the time because he was mad at me so we had to go.

Well, I have to go make squash for dinner now, and then rest me bones. Take care!

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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