Okefenokee II – II

The lacing of branching and leafy colors, shadows, begins … I’m enjoying it so far! I will be learning an awful lot about light and dark with this one, as I did with the first Okefenokee. Yay!

I’m shaking now from painting for about thirty minutes so I need to rest soon, but I did want to check in, especially since I wasn’t able to paint at all yesterday and therefor no blog.

The DC area was hit very hard by hurricane-level storms on Friday night. The strong circular winds woke me up, so I turned off my computer, followed by all hell breaking loose. Really scary storm hours ensued. Chipper and I were in the restroom with his blankie for him and a candle lit for us both for some time.

Jason’s Mom and two sisters didn’t get power back until late last night but we only lost our cable TV for a half day. Power lines down and traffic lights out remain prohibitive in the area for some time. I feel blessed that we survived the storm at all, really.

Yesterday we called to re-up Chipper’s Gapapentin and the vet tech checked his x-ray from two months ago now and said, Really, I’m sure he’s limping, with all that buckshot in him. Jason and I had her on speaker phone and looked at each other in shock, first we’d heard about it, for whatever reason. So Chipper has about twelve pieces of perfectly round buckshot all over him, some in each leg. This happened before we rescued him at two and half years old. Breaks my heart. As I was massaging him yesterday, it made such a difference to know, now.

Well, the antibiotic they gave me, Augmentin, it is really like a body cleanser, kind of. Not complaining, mind you, but I’m almost better. Almost. From the cold. This morning was the first day I woke up not thinking, ack, what a cold I have. I still have a cough and sniffles, but the deep upper respiratory junk wall is clearing, finally. What a friggin relief. Thank you! I am blessed.

It is July! Only a month more really to wear white. I mean, you can wear white in August but it is kind of naive feeling. August is more tropical, wild — so is July for that matter, mixed with white. Pastels are headed out.

Jason has mixed Dirt Floor and it is beautiful. Now I think it should be the first song. Whatever you think, he said. I shucked corn this morning and sang to Chris Whitley and it seemed very right, the whole thing. I Forget You Every Day, I wailed. Lots of beautiful, beautiful white corn, the whole process, the whole thing, into the silver collander. Then I came in and sang to Bordertown and it is getting better all the time. I don’t want the album to end!

Then I went to the pool and listened to Radiohead, then Portishead, ’til I was too burned up to sit still any longer, about twenty minutes. First time I’ve been to the pool since I’ve been sick. Tomorrow I aim to swim!

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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