Okefenokee II Finitti


mmmm … spooky … me likey … and finitti!

I decided that it wanted to be done. I could have detailed the hell out of it but there was a certain understructure to it’s geometry — just couldn’t mess with it overmuch. So … there you have it.

Chipper had his fifth special laser therapy today and did so well. One more Wednesday afternoon. We had long walkies today and saw so much beautiful wildlife at the bog, on the other side of the black tarpaulin border: two yellow and one perfect black swallowtail butterflies drinking nectar from the purple thistles, meadowlarks eating gnats overhead, and a bunny who seemed to recognize me, for he/she stopped when I exclaimed Bunny! and blinked back. Oh, oui!

Still with the headache, mostly I think related to the base of my skull and tapering up the the front of my temples — eep! But I did swim the two laps for now, so that’s good. Still with the stomach exercises and lower back hip stretches and yoga each night. Breathing and meditation is getting easier and deeper as the alters seem to get it. Yay.

Even so I woke up twice last night and had trouble getting back to sleep. Kept thinking of this awful scene at a frat at Emory University where I was so out of it and some sweet dude in the kitchen held on while I banged my fists saying how much I hated men … and I think in my stupor I remembered things about the abuse … but who remembers anything from those times … ? so it was many many decades later before I remembered anything truly and consciously … but what a sweet dude to listen to alla that.

See for me to remember that is like right now. For him to remember that is like, not to remember it. Or to remember it vaguely and go like, why remember it now at all. But I have an alter who has held on to it like life itself and last night she was shaking it in front of me for three hours until I emailed my counselor to talk to her about it and even then she kind of let it go but it was so vivid that even listening to vivid Arcade Fire and such and so … well … finally I got to sleep. It’s like that.

But I have finished another painting, and am onto a new sketch today which I will show you on the morrow. I’m also entering a contest this week, for which I shall hear results in many moons. Moon Lake by Eudora Welty is a good one, by the way.

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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