Chilean Marble Caves I – Sketch

Here is the first glimpse at the work that will be the painting of a blue green marble cave from Chile — many thanks to Jason who showed me these in the first place!

Ummm — wow? yes — I can only imagine that such a place exists — really — there are thirty five images from this site and I may pick a few more to play with if this one goes well? We shall see.

I start off with a fresh palette as well today, a nice feeling for sure and only a little wasted green and yellow paint from the previous painting, so that’s good. I cannot stand to waste paint — it seems so relatively expensive, as things go, in my itty life. Hee.

Counseling went very well today. She helped me see that the alter that holds the memories of this and so, that and this, are so distant from my now, that although they insist and stamp their feet, shake things, memories and behaviors in my face and my heart just so for hours on end in the middle of the night — that really, that really they are very distant. We did realize that the one that holds the one of the kitchen in the frat house at Emory University may be small in time, number of hours, that she is a) full of enormous RAGE, and that b) she is full of several BEHAVIORS that are quite strong as alters go. We decided this as we tried to determine if we should chart her. No, we decided, but she contains other alters. Strongly. Quite. Mmm. Quite. Which is why she held my attention so.


No headache today, but overall aches and pains at the lower back, neck and both shoulders. Hmm. Tired. So stuck to the bed this morning that I was almost, almost late for counseling this morning. I used to be habitually late for everything years, decades ago, for class, for work, for appointments, for EVERYTHING. Now I’m usually ten minutes early, reading my Kindle, checking my email. Heh. Today I could care. I just wanted to stay in bed. That is all.

Very excited about this new painting. And the Chris Whitley Tribute Album mastering process … and the next projects, for which I am MUM. MUM I tell you.


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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