Chilean Marble Caves II – Sketch

This is the sketch that Jane drew.

Of this amazing photograph from Nature by Jorge Leon Cabello. Wow again. I mean this place is otherworldly. The Earth is otherworldly. How can that be?


We live on a planet. Lest we forget.

So the headaches have stopped. YAY! That is an awesome fact of the day.

Went to the spine surgeon yesterday and the good news is the neck is doing great, fusion is incomplete but growing nicely. Yay. However, he is also worried about the numbness in the left big toe. You know there is just something funny about the big toe. Something silly. Maybe it’s just me. But I need it. I stumble and fumble about without it being fully there. So silly as it may be to discuss it … the surgeon calls for an MRI of my lower back and we are seeking preauthorization for that. As we speak. Ahem. Depending on the severity of that, which we kind of already know, he is preparing me for diagnostic injections of my lower back to determine if major lower back surgery would in fact be ameliorative.

Big word of the day. Thought I’d throw that in there for fun.

We shall see.


Meanwhile, Chipper is not limping and I am prepared to take him on a long walk tomorrow because he is doing so well. I’m thinking Mondays and Fridays for the long ones. Something for us to mark the weeks with, eh? Something on the routine for us both, but especially for him that is not too stressful on his left elbow. We’ll try it and see how he does. Looking forward to that.

Still working on the Google EBooks, etc. Will let you know. Technically I’m LIVE but there are behind the scenes things to be figured out.

Breathe Books — check it!

Y’all come, as it is said.


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