Chilean Marble Caves II – IV

Now there is a lot of movement occurring from the left upper quadrant. I was really kind of fearful of how to create this section, as it is a light-filled rocky face, but I had sketched one of my freeform patterns, but there goes … 🙂 I like it after all. The teal is making more of an appearance in the lower right as well, as a light feature. This is feeling like an orchestral movement of some sort. Do you get that feeling? Kind of Disney? Yes.

So I put this comment on Facebook a few minutes ago about how I think Barack Obama is a great orator. Well, for that matter put your big ol hand up for Romney somewhere if you think HE is. Well, I didn’t think so. Obama wins. By a LONG shot even in a big ol field of contenders even. So. I put this comment up there thinking that it might spark some sort of wirey debate. Crickets. People are just afraid to speak up. Jason commented and one person liked one of my comments to my own thread. Sigh. One of my statements is also that we are not a dumb nation. I believe that. We may be afraid, but we are not dumb. I usually don’t comment on things political in nature here but I just had to on that.

Yesterday at the pool Iliya and his friend had found a baby Robin that had what they thought was a broken wing. Turns out it wasn’t but we didn’t know ’til this morning. I called Second Chance Wildlife Rescue in Gaithersburg and thankfully they gave me excellent instructions on how to sequester said baby overnight and it did well. We put it in the bird cage inside a shoe box with two rather large holes on top so a cat wouldn’t get it. This morning the Mama Robin had found it and had a worm to feed it, so I got the box out and put it on a chair on the porch. Only when it fed the bird, the baby got out and that was the end of the story, hop hop hop. Into the distance and off into the dawn. All’s well that ends well.

I practiced for Sunday’s reading and it felt powerful, still somewhat overwhelming at times, but better with practice.

I also practiced for the supersecret next tribute album and invited the two musicians we hope will accompany me. Shhhhhhh! We shall not reveal!

After walking Chipper I walked myself and it was good. All in all a very productive day, headache and pain, flashbacks notwithstanding. It’s good not to be sick. Or, it’s good to be relatively well again. Right? Right.

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