Chilean Marble Caves II – V

Even more delicate progress today … you might want to click on the image and see it up close? If you want … it felt really freeing, like flying to paint today. It hasn’t felt like that in a long time. Kind of fantasy-like, since the olden days of watercolor painting. I think because I was working with so much acrylic glaze today. It is still very very far from being finished however.

I woke up stuck to the bed. So very down today. A nightmare last night and just down. Nothing I told myself about anything positive, anything uplifting, could get me up and out of bed. It wasn’t until 9:34 am that I finally, finally allowed me to get up. Some alter was just sitting on my chest until then. That’s what it felt like. Some little kid. Fortunately Chipper was kind and patient with me through all of that.

We went on long walkies and both of us had a great workout, but then I had to race to counseling, which was quite productive and helpful.

I rested, then I started painting. That has been my day! Now you know. Heh.

Tomorrow and Sunday may be hard for posting and painting because both days have 2 pm engagements: Saturday we meet about the painting show in DC, and Sunday is the reading in HAMPDEN, not Reisterstown, MD — eep! sorry about that. So. I’ll do my best. Right now I can see myself painting and blogging in the mornings, but who knows what will really happen? So it could be Monday or late on those days. Just a heads up that I may be hard to find for a few days. Take care and have a great weekend if I don’t SEE you! 🙂


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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