Chilean Marble Caves II – VI

Hey there! I’m so sorry I didn’t post yesterday but I was so very tired and achey and was cleaning and running around doing all sorts of catch up that didn’t get done over the weekend.

Here is the current status of the painting, which is getting closer to final, with big strokes of movement now. I think this is sort of unique thing that I do, these bold, devil-may-care strokes of abstraction that move the painting in ways that I want it to go. I’ve used this technique a lot, see Afternoon Tea for example, over the years, or Kinesis, where I’ve used it exclusively in a painting.

Anyhoo. I’m not done with this one yet. Not ready to let her go. Nor am I done with the Chilean Caves. Love them!

The meeting went very well with the art director at Modern Times Coffeehouse at Politics & Prose on Saturday night. More deets to come, but you should save the date: October 20th, 7-9 pm for the opening reception for my watercolor show there! Yay!

We hopped back in the car and went to Hampden, Baltimore and I had a good reading for a receptive audience there at Breathe Books. I feel like a read very confidently. The questions were well thought through and sensitive and it was a warm and comfortable place all in all. Stay tuned for a surprise this Autumn! Shhhh!

Yesterday morning I had to call my neurologist about these blasted daily headaches finally and he upped my Topimirate to 50 mg more a night for the next ten days. I will also see him on the 27th. It had to be, and I sure hope it works like the first 200 mg have.

Chipper has stopped limping completely!!! We are doing very well with Monday and Friday long walks so far. Hurray. Although he is eating grass inexplicably, bad boy, by the bog. So we won’t be able to go that path on Friday. ARgh.

Had the MRI of my lower back this afternoon and didn’t pass with flying colors, in fact I had to redo a few of the scans. ARgh yet again. Was a bit flustered in there. Oh well, and as many as I’ve had done. But ’tis done and ’tis done well.

The best news of all is that we’re possibly on BlueCross as of September at Jason’s work. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. More on that as I know it. I can keep my doctors? Fingers crossed.

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