Chilean Marble Caves II – VII

So now I’m going in with blocks of depth and color (white) to try to match the photograph more. Heh. I think I will be simplifying the shapes in the upper third greatly. I think. Who can say?

Today I woke up and got up fairly early but with a great deal of fatigue, most likely this time from the increased dosage of Topimirate. That’s what it feels like. That being said, I did get two things we needed from the store, and Jason let me get a coffee from Starbucks and I read over the outline for a novel called The Front Porch. I say he let me because he a) is very carefully managing our funds and b) we are very tight. I am most grateful.

I do have a clothing consignment/sale appointment for the afternoon of August 17, with two bags full of clothing that is too small for me now. Two. Sigh. It was hard to pack them but alas, I can’t go back. And I might as well earn some funds toward getting an industrial pastel framed, eh? They need to come of the binder for examples of what they can be for a person’s home. For Jason’s office, yes? Yes! That is my initial thought, anyway, not knowing what the clothes may bring.

Well, I do want to say that although I seem super-productive and all, I’m actually only up for very short periods of the day. I rest a LOT. A lot of people tell me that I am an inspiration to me with all the pain and all that is going on with me and then I tell them that I don’t work a full-time job and they look puzzled. But I am in a LOT of pain and I just kind of keep a pleasant, repressed face on. The Buddha face.

Hey, like today, when I was at Starbucks, sitting outside for the ten minutes it took to read the two page outline of The Front Porch, a dear woman came up and was handing out some small pieces of paper where she had written some note to look up in Corinthians in The Bible. She was saying, Jesus loves you, as she handed them out. The two women next to me were having a serious heart to heart about their family, and one of them just crumpled it up and threw it on the ground. I took mine from her and smiled at her and said, Buddha loves you, too!

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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