Chilean Marble Caves III – V

Oh, the canvas is full of layers, but the painting she is far from done. It needs work for depth and light. The water needs work for light and movement as well. So that is next! Yay! I am liking otherwise where the painting is headed with colors and palette and movement.

Woke up very sleepy this morning. Jason is, very wisely, getting me up before he leaves for work. This saves the whole me being stuck to the bed quandary. Sleeping in, etc. Being depressed, etc. Was a bit at odds brushing the teeth this morning, hard to describe, was adult, but not wanting to. ? Turns out I’m down today. Have been until the Sun came out. We think it’s because of the downturn with my back but we’re not sure. Still, my floor is not as far down as before, and I’m an adult.

With flashbacks of Christmases past.

Did the painting you see above, largely before noon. Then straightaway into cooking veggies for the week, with the brace on, watching the Cooking Channel, somewhat cheerily, having something tangible to do. Now at two pm., all done. And the SUNNNNN is out. I’m positively thrilled, for I thought for sure, Autumn had arrived, and I had worn mourning, all black tape maxi and cropped 3/4 sleeve jacketa. Still …

Jason thrilled me … positively … with a JCrew credit card extension of a certain amount and I was able to get two pencil skirts on their 30% off final sale !!! of a Collection skirt and I’m so beside myself for them to ship — I want to wear another of their pencil skirts that I had drycleaned after forever in hopes that it will fit tomorrow — I fear that the drycleaners shrunk my dear dear floral skirt but am hopeful that it will fit for a final Summer fling with it on the morrow —

so you see I’m not hopeless — I have some perkyness in me yet despite today’s black mourning — although I do love wearing classic black in Winter — in its many mutations —

… thanks for listening … yet again … to my aspirations …

… now for something deeper … to read Yoga Journal and meditate … balance in on something less superficial … haven’t been able to do my yoga for four nights now — argh! but am hopeful that the brace wearing will put me on the right path in time — I feel evasive even to myself — deeeeep breath — the Summer is running out past me — why is it that Autumn is a sort of reckoning?

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