Chilean Marble Caves III – VI

Getting there with the motion and light action, hey yah! There are few things scarier to me as a painter than painting the water. I tell you. But I did it. I kept telling myself, I can paint over it. But it worked out okay. Dinnit? So that’s all right. Then I highlighted some areas with white, in a Santa Fe kind of way, which is odd, really, but I did. And it works for me. You? Still, it’s not done for me.

Very edgy this morning brushing the teeth an all. Still not sure what that was all about. Lots of flashbacks on abuse and stuff. Well that would make anyone edgy. Sure.

Then, a lovely time Skyping with the Mother of a friend from Bulgaria. Lovely, really. Amazing how life is.

Then time to leave for counseling, which went so fast. Then the post office where more lovely people abounded, to Whole Foods, where more lovely people, abounded. Is it just me, or do lovely people abound? Maybe it’s the Buddhist thing. Positivity. ?

Then the pain hit. So, had to rest me. For some, quite some, many the hours, it seemed, when I wanted to swim, but couldn’t. For such the lovely day abounded as well. Fresh, cool, not too hot. Even. But no. So I almost got just this side of meditation. Just this close to being aware of the breath. So edgy still. I breathe and a flashback, a memory comes. I get jolted by an alter, a different self, and I’m off. Into that other. Thang.

But I keep trying.

Eventually I painted, as you see, above, and did some laundry. I got up. The getting up happens. I am blessed.

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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