Chilean Marble Caves III Finitti

So there you have it. I thought about it for a day. Today I studied and meditated on the photograph for some good time, and then I looked immediately at the painting, and decided that intrinsically, although not a mirror image, I got it, the soul of it. So be done and on to the next piece.

So sketch for you tomorrow on that.

I was in a great deal of physical and emotional pain yesterday, so not much of anything got done. I did, however, get help getting the two bags of consignment clothing over to Tina’s Consignment in Gaithersburg, where she took about 3/4 of the pieces. We plan to have a garage sale with the rest. She mostly took my old work clothes that no longer fit. Hurray.

Today I sunned by the pool, which was recharging, though I am not up for trying swimming with my back just yet. Then I took the drycleaning and mending over to the cleaners and headed over to the Ear, Nose and Throat doc. We are quite perplexed about what to try, so decided I should REALLY really drink 8 glasses of liquid per day and switch from Xyzal to Allegra-D.

Then, my anniversary presents had arrived! — the beyond lovely !! pencil skirts from JCrew — I mean, I’m quite beside myself and can hardly wait to model them for Jason. I almost modelled them for the rental staff, but … no. They are that beautiful.

I read this awesome article by Sally Kempton in the most recent Yoga Journal last night in bed about anxiety. I have a LOT of it. As I’m sure we all do, Jason assures me. When I’m trying to meditate it’s very frustrating but I keep trying. It’s just energy after all, to be transformed, which makes me very peaceful to consider. I have a lot of various energies to transform. As it were. Makes me very hopeful that I can continue to transform. I forget sometimes how much yoga and meditation have helped me, but they have been KEY. They are always there for me, for everyone. I look forward to sharing them with you, with Jason. To returning to them when my back is better, as I’m more peaceful every hour, every day.

I’ve decided I’m going to participate, or plan to anyway, in the National Novel Writing Month again this year. I think I want to try my hand at The Front Porch, since it is the most underdeveloped, but I’m not sure. When I came home from long (!) walkies with Chipper this morning I felt like tinkering with writing for a while. That little bug is after me again. See I’ve been trying to figure out where it fits in my daily daily. Painting fits in the mid-afternoon now. So maybe that is where writing falls. Though once it hits, writing can consume me. Disabilities withstanding. Limitations existing. Sigh. But still, I am blessed.

I can’t get over these pencil skirts. I’m like this … doll I like to dress up. Hee hee. Although boy won today, with tobacco seven-inch shorts and a turquoise short-sleeved tee printed with pale lime Hindu soap ads. Beezarre. I had to change into a black and white striped tee but kept the shorts, post-drive.

Rest time now. More Yoga Journal to read. A postcard from Paris. More meditation. I’ll get there.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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