Chilean Marble Caves IV – II

She is coming along, verily. I decided to go over some sections that were a bit dibbly and freeform within, similar to some of the other paintings. I think that each of these shapes for this painting should be strong and clear, to distinguish them from the water. So that took a bit of mixing and time. Soon enough, my back and arm were hurting, and a thunderstorm made me turn off my computer. Bah.

I carried forward the Prussian Blue mixed with maybe two bits of Titanium White to give the painting some arcing movement. Then I mixed up a crazy bit of white, Cobalt Teal (remember the one that they don’t make anymore, alas?) and a bit of the Prussian Blue, with a fair amount of gel, for dreaminess. The effect is both airy and shadowy. I used that to lengthen the arch over the top and carry that color through the painting. Cobalt Blue Hue, just that, makes a line and a triangle here and there, with some accents dipping their feet into the water below. Then I had to stop. Bah.

We went today to Montgomery Mall (off Democracy Boulevard ? hee, had to tell you that, it exists) to get Jason’s share of Eighth Wedding Anniversary gifts from me. I don’t have any money but we share. We replaced his old raggedy wallet that he has devotedly carried ’round (I gave it to him some many years ago, made of canvas, what I could afford, and cool enough in its day) with a Fossil one. We got him his favorite cologne from L’Occitane. Done. Plus some treats for Mama (that’s me) there. Bubblelicious!

This afternoon, after resting, I reorganized my dresser and Buddhist alter. See?

The pictures are quite blurry because of such low light in there. Oh well. You can see also that I’m quite the collector of small things. Oh well. Those are crystals on the alter. You may remember that they have been most helpful in my healing and I’m hopeful that they will be helpful again as I go forward. You can see the magic bracelet bowl in the center of the dresser. I’m that bad. Good. Good/Bad. Whatever. It’s fun. Dress-up, that is.

Being a yogini as a primary host/alter is working so very well, I hesitate to even mention it. That well. Smooth and groovy. Even painting now, I’m focusing on my stance, posture and breath. Wow. Doing yoga twice a day and my back is noticing a difference.

Speaking of which, I have to rest. You guessed it. I’m that predictable, yes? Ha.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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