Chilean Marble Caves IV – IV

Here I’ve added a mix of more than half Titanium White to Cobalt Blue Hue to get a sky-like color, to add the lower part of the arch, and carry through the painting. I do feel it’s important to thread the color through the work in this way. It settles the color for me, as a tapestry would, establishes it. Likewise, I put straight Prussian Blue down in a few places. You may want to compare yesterday’s painting to today’s, to see what has changed?

And that is all my back could sustain. That, and picking up the dry cleaning/mending, some buttermilk and cornmeal, and whipping up a bit of cornbread (without sugar, right? right!) YUM!

Tomorrow I see the spine surgeon, and will this time have Jason on the speaker phone don’t you know?

Otherwise, a lovely day. Summer, still, beautiful, but part of me, sitting here in a sundress with the a/c on, longs to be snuggled up in a sweater and socks. Crazy. Be present, dear.

Flashbacks are still serious. Counselor is off this week, but I’m doing well. Have noticed that I’m suddenly experiencing bits of JOY. Whoa. What’s that about? Prozac. Life. Getting in like it’s supposed to be. Trying not to feel guilty for feeling happy. It’s okay, I deserve to feel happy. Right. Breathe.

Yoga is helping my back but it’s still strained so hopeful for some info tomorrow, that we’re on the right track, etc. Ida know. Just hope.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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