Chilean Marble Caves IV – V

This little bit of Prussian Blue detailing you see here actually was painstaking, and took some doing. (I must say.) I am still in considerable pain. But I wanted to get some painting done. And I did! Hurray! I think even this little bit adds a lot, even so.

Had my appointment with the spine surgeon today, and he will go ahead with the injections on 9/17 and 10/1. He will decide on 9/17 whether or not to go with both left and right, depending on my pain levels. Apparently, some people can get these shots and they are pain free for some great deal of time afterwards. Why I was unaware of this until today, I don’t know. Gah. I thought before today that the only real fix was surgery, which is why I got so terribly upset last visit. Prior to this, I had the bilateral shots to the back and was pain free for three months. Hmmm. So, I’m trusting this new doctor. Period.

I’ve also been communicating with a township for a new novel, The Front Porch, which I hope to begin writing on intensely during November’s National Novel Writing Month. Won’t spill the beans, tho. Nothing is final, and secrets are fun. Aren’t they?

Also beginning to have some movement on the oh-so-secret next tribute album, possibly beginning the first recording on the day of the 10/20 show. Heh. Won’t that distract me from any nerves about the show? Right? Yes!

The yogini is working very well. Very.

Kay I’m pooped and must rest again. The back and frazzled nerves/mind really need to rest now. Down for the count for now. 🙂

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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