Chilean Marble Caves IV – VII

I needed some mental health time, and for that matter some physical rest time. But I did, as you see, get some more of that painstaking detail done. But I’m not sure I’m liking it. Meh. I think it’s too light, the wrong color, something. Hmmm. Hmmmm. So I’m thinking about the painting and where it is right now.

It is a whole ‘nother month already? and still Summer? How did that happen? heh. Liking that it is still green and warm out, although it is a series of grey days here. Tomorrow we will go visit Jason’s Mom, who had a ton of dental work done.

Both Jason and I are just pooped, though. Running errands and then curled up, resting with our various injuries.

My mind, with the reduced Abilify since June, and the added Percocet since Wednesday, has been quite the conversation match, I must say. But thankfully, no more Percocet I don’t think, past the 17th when I have the first injection? I say thankfully now and I say I think no more. I am a wierd wired tango inside. I can tell I am an imaginative verbal creature, and quite random and funny, but when I’m trying to get to sleep … well, you can imagine. And that’s not counting random flashbacks.

So I’ve been offline.

But I’ve been doing yoga twice daily and I feel very good about that and I seem much calmer overall because of it.

I’m working up some old film fotos, so stay tuned.

That’s all for now, folks. Thanks for listening and staying tuned!


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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