Chilean Marble Caves IV Finitti

So this painting is not nearly what I had thought it would be, but I had to let it go. So be it, and on to the next one, which will be a tropical landscape, not of the chilean marble cave sort at all. You shall see on the morrow.

My mind has settled down quite a bit. No more random words or flashbacks of the sort that I was having, but I have been quite down. Not feeling like doing much of anything really. Just rather calm and quiet and immobile, in a lot of physical pain, with my back and shoulders, and the base of my skull. Go figure, with the amount of percocet and skelaxin I’m taking, that I should have any muscle tension anywhere, but I do, still.

Still, the yoga is my deep peace, relief and savior. Yay! My deep chillage! That and counseling again yesterday, what a blessing.

I’m thrilled to be moving on to a new painting, actually. This last one was bringing me down.

And here, are some old film photos for your viewing pleasure:

and I’m currently working on more old film photos so stay tuned …


Can’t hardly wait for the chill in the air that signals Autumn … can you?

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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2 Responses to Chilean Marble Caves IV Finitti

  1. It might not have turned out as you expected, but it’s quite beautiful. The colors are peaceful and yet evocative, and I love the texturing.

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