Philippine Lagoon Sketch

I feel refreshed, a new start in a whole new part of the world, tropical still, but warmer feeling this time in color palette. Jungly lagoon. Thank you again to ISLANDS Magazine, this time, from July/August of this year. This felt great to sketch, that is, once I broke into the canvas and actually started.

Broke into an actually paper book again yesterday, with ye olde glasses, Neruda, a new book, not the Isla Negra book that I’ve read through and through. No, this is a new collection for me, called something like I Explain A Few Things. I could get off my butt and go look it up, couldn’t I? right? but my point here is that just by reading a few lines of his poetry did I remember the power of good, really good writing. Duh! My student woke up and remembered folks like Emerson and Thoreau and the Renaissance and thus and so and the power of thought and thinkers and (like I’d really forgotten; I remember the power of oratory and great thinkers every other week or so) … well, I need to read my Neruda more is what I decided, so it’s on the SHHedule. Don’t you know?

He wrote this rather sick and you’d have to know Lorca to understand poem to Federico Garcia Lorca with membranes and feathers and bones and blood that I rather soberingly enjoyed and remembered all the poets we read who were killed in the Spanish Civil War and what a crime and all those voices …

and I look at reality TV and hear about Boo Boo Honey or whatever and go — what? TF?

and it’s worth putting my glasses on and stirring my little poet mind up. for whatever it’s worth at this point. Yes. It is.

Linkin Park is on ’cause today I’ve got Palladia on and the stadium is stacked with folks …  and I don’t have any idea … mind you … what they’re saying

nihilism and headbangers and metal rock from back in the day come to mind and Take Me With You from Morphine comes on in my studio where I have Radio Paradise and I think what a waste we were throwing ourselves away with drink and drugs and wasteful living/dying when we were young not knowing any better — because it seemed like all of life was death/Cold War suffering —

and life does have a lot of stasis/stagnation/suffering — but it is what you make it — survive it — create it — make it — sculpt it — remember that sculpee stuff, heh? — it seems sometimes with Buddhism and meditation sometimes that minimalism should be a response but many words could be a response — precise pointed words should be a response

Bill Clinton’s speech was great oratory and I miss him and being a Buddhist I forgive him his mistakes and it hurts to do that at the same time — he is still a great man —

and although each of us has faults and has wasted we each can stand up and be great, too — we each have the potential for greatness — yeah — !! believe it!

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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