Philippine Lagoon I

Friday I was writing my email update and yesterday I had such (SUCH) a migraine and nausea that when I opened my box of paints … no deal. Back to bed with me. Finally did send out the update tho. Then we had such a lovely storm … and the migraine subsided. Must have been related? Who can say?

So today I painted! Hooray! I managed a bit of lavender recessed hill mix, eh? and I do love myself some lime … I must say … went a bit wild. Hee. But now I’m worn out and must stop.

Good news is that on the morrow I meet with the arts commission director for the town that is the possible town for the background city for The Front Porch. Pulled out a lovely pencil skirt, the big notebook, the camera, the outline, and going to make a map for the occasion, don’t you know. Walking heels, Danskos, of course. Going to take notes and fotos. Sooo excited and hopeful.

A bit of the migraine and nausea still today so taking it easy. Major flashback this morning from the adolescent period. Trying to work on staying in the present. Send myself and our lil fambly and neighborhood white and rosy light where I can.

So walking Chipper at noon I hear some woman say, “See that woman walking that dog up ahead? She gives me the creeps. I don’t know why.” So I turned and see that it is three youngish, thirtyish women walking, pleasant enough, and I face them and smile my best Buddhist smile and say, Good afternoon to them. One of them shivers, must have been her. I laugh in side. So high school. Whatever. They pass us and we briefly walk behind them before they cross the street into their complex. Whatever whatever, it’s still an enormously lovely day. I wasn’t about to let her continue to walk behind me and say more stuff behind my back.

So I tell Jason when I get home and he’s furious and said he would have had said something much more confrontational to her. That’s not my way, sweetie. It doesn’t make me angry. It makes me sad for her, and it makes me laugh.

Yesterday we watched about half of a DVD that I thought was all Miles Davis but it a mix of amazing Blue Note jazz recordings. It started off with John Coltrane and several of his musicians playing Alabama and Afro Blue. It was so fascinating, surreal and stimulating all at once. I thought how I almost take it for granted, this amazing jazz heritage, can I call it mine just because I’m from here? Yes? Growing up watching it on PBS and loving it? But also, how incredible soulful, mindful, expressive the jazz musicians were, not just noodling or gymnastic, but compositional, SAYING something, CONVERSING in ways that are still mind blowing. We could sit there and name the year almost, 1963, 1968 by the style of the music, by Jason knowing the career and life of the musician, or we knowing the style of the filming. We’ll watch more tonight. No, not noodling, many of them had classical training, as ballet dancers were trained before they were jazz dancers and their moves … well, you see what I’m saying …

A dear young couple came yesterday and bought the old MOTU interface and will buy the old IMac when they can, so we won’t list it again on Craigslist. She is an artist and musician as well, and was delightful. We needed the funds for healthcare and art expenses, so we are most grateful, and it brightened our day.

You are hereby invited to attend the Art Opening and Reception on October 20th from 7-9 pm at the Modern Times Coffeehouse at Politics & Prose Bookstore. BUT, you must RSVP by emailing me at by October 6, sharp. So. Be it known, Fun will be had, but you have to be there to have it. Early paintings, watercolors, fourteen of them, will be shown, and will be for SALE. Yes. 🙂

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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