Philippine Lagoon IV

Here I’ve added the last possible basic green bits. You might say. I had thought maybe today I would dip into the water, painting-wise, but an alter in me, said, NO! vehemently, so, okay, whatever, we stuck to finishing the green. I think the alter wanted to go for consistency and completion. So we did. I still may add bits of light or dark, but you know what I’m saying. I added three black playful tendrils in there, if you can tell. Fun!

This morning, I left one voicemail message for Wounded Warriors, and sent four emails out to folks in Takoma Park for researching my characters and their environs for The Front Porch novel. It will take time, of course, for these very busy people, these thoughtful people, to return my communications. I’ve started little fires. 🙂

In the meantime, I made myself a little note, directly on the novel outline, that I need to write the chapter outline, from which I will write the novel itself. That is very exciting to start.

Yesterday in counseling I said, At some point we need to talk about love. Okay, she said. Love is a responsibility, a longing, an ache, a compulsion. It makes you do things, the right thing, these days. Mostly these days it is a responsibility, and an ache, because I can feel that I can more easily lose people due to my older age, the fragility of life. Hmm. I need to have more fun. Jason and I decided we need to have more fun.

Many flashbacks all the time, from college years … from all the time. This time of year reminds me of getting ready to go to college, to go back to school. Of having my picture taken for freshman year of school. How prim that picture was, against my wishes. How I despised that picture! How unlike me it was. I looked like a fourth grader. Whatever. But I can’t tell you how long I flashed on that whole experience for days. Like it was now. Because that is how time is for me. Like now. The past. Instant recall.

The dirt mound where my brothers used to play baseball. The red door of the white house of the former governor’s house right across from there. Riding my bike around and around the block from there. Now with traffic or whatever I’m sure that is a crazy thing to consider for a child? Who knows. By the time I was in high school traffic was getting crazy around those curves. By the time I was in high school the fields had grown houses. No more passion flowers and queen anne’s lace to admire. Gone. Neighbors who didn’t talk to us. Who just moved in. Strangers. Right there where we used to play. I remember when I was little my Mother used to make a welcome basket for someone new but not by then.

So Jason’s job is right around the corner from Takoma Park and we’re thinking about moving there next Summer, like if we can find a nice house or place to rent, not some high rise, which would make us NUTS. And what would Chipper do in a high rise, I ask you? NO. So we’re thinking, and yesterday the traffic was crazy so we’re thinking … and I wonder if Takoma Park is friendlier, where people get to know each other more easily because they are closer together, not spread out as it is here, open spaces and all new here in Germantown. Fresh and new and I love it here but … I wonder. Not really a community feel like Takoma Park.

So it’s time to walk Chipper and rest me. 🙂

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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