Philippine Lagoon V

Now, you gotta be likin’ the look of that. It flows. I was quite trepidatious (sp?) I must say, dipping my itty toe into that water today, but I did it. The color, I decided, must be mystical, and it must be right, and it will take me there, and it did. Therefore, and so! At first, all last week, in fact, I had thought, Straight Prussian Blue for that, for the photo looks that way. Sea water, it seems. But no. It needed something more tropical, for next is my rare, unpurchaseable Cobalt Blue Teal paint from the tube that gets smaller and smaller! ! ! Hee. I don’t really mind. It’s for a good cause. And I can kind of make it, but Take Note. Heh. So, the deep dark lagoon water needed more, mystique than straight Prussian Blue, which I ADORE! mind you. I had already placed a good bit, maybe a dime’s worth of Cobalt Blue Hue on the palette from the inset inlet you see above. Had only needed the slightest hint of it for that, mixed with Titanium White, almost like a sky. Hmmm. I thought, and pulled out Phthalo Green (Blue Shade) (from which I can make the Cobalt Blue Teal, almost, with Titanium White) and put about a quarter’s worth down. I put about a quarter down of the Prussian Blue. Hmmm, and I mixed ALL of the Phthalo Green and the Cobalt Blue Hue together on a hunch, with a touch here and there of the Prussian Blue, because the latter is way intense and can overpower in an instant. And soon, very soon I had the color you see above. Voila!

I did have to be careful, and I did worry, about having just enough, and I did have JUST enough, barely to paint that lot above. I have a tiny tiny bit left for miracles. You never know. 🙂

Tomorrow a dear friend since college will come and we’ll go for a hike at Monocacy Aqueduct with sammies from Whole Foods. I’m thrilled. She’s a very busy working Mom so it’s a rare treat to see her. The last time I saw her was for ten minutes before a swim meet in June. Wow. So. Just saying. This is wild time to see her for so long. Yay! So just saying also I may not be blogging on the morrow.

Six new canvases came today, which I was able to get for a discounted price. Thrilled as well. I’m considering a painting of a Hawaii scene that I’d rather do in pastel. Maybe not. We shall see.

Will be meeting with another local leader on Thursday morning in Takoma Park and very excited about this. More call-backs and emails to make next week.

Monday — so soon now! — will be my back injections. A bit nervous. I don’t think I’ll have Percocet anymore. Yipes. I mean really. Even with it I’m in a ton of pain. A ton. So going without scares the dickens out of me. But if that is what the diagnostic experiment is, I’ll do it. We shall see what the plan is. Jason will take a half day. The last time I had this done bilaterally on my back, the nurse gave me half a Xanax and complimented me on how well I’d done. The doctor was peeved and said, How well I’ve done! I don’t go to that doctor anymore for a lot of reasons. I don’t like him at all. For one. And he actually did a great job that day. So I admire this doctor for Monday a great deal, the one who operated on my neck. So he’ll do great, too! Even better! And the nurses are always so awesome. Always. So sympa.

Time to rest now. 🙂

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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