Philippine Lagoon VI

Listening to Thelonious Monk while painting today, along with the not so gentle pattering of rain against the window. Tornado Watch until 7 pm so have to watch the computer time today. The painting she is fleshing out, yes? Loving the Cobalt Teal … although I had to layer it twice. No matter.

Counseling was less stressful today and we returned to the clean heart therapy so I could release some guilt and shame that was built up in there. Yay!

Had a great visit with my friend on Sunday although I had a whammy of a barometric (?) migraine and we had to be flexible with our plans. Still, we had a great talk and laughs, and ended with a long walkie with Chipper. It was a lovely cool day. Great to spend time with her. Very blessed.

Yesterday had the injections and in the am a girl (youth) alter came out to deal/cope beforehand which was okay. Then with the Xanax she went away and it was just chill. I was rather imperious and playful at times, depending, during the procedure. Blurted out, Don’t do that again, when he had to adjust the needle and, Now for my wrap, after the procedure with it was time for my warm blanket covering the back of my gown. Silly but it all was okay. My doctor and the nurses rock! and Jason! Thank you!

A bit of a rough night so I’m tired and edgy today. No pain this morning on waking and no pop in the left hip with the approved yoga. But now there is considerable pain and I need to rest, take it on the easy side. 🙂

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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