Philippine Lagoon VII

Mixed Cobalt Blue, not hue, but the real dealio, with Titanium White, for today’s blue sky. Used two sizes of bright brushes to get into the leaves, and will go back when the sky is dry to detail them back in as needed. The clouds are next, with a hint of gray for depth, and then overall snaps for detail, and we are done! Woo!

Woke up this morning without back pain! So didn’t take the percocet or skelaxin until around one. Coolio, eh? Now slight edging in of pain, but not like the 7/9 levels of before, of yesterday, even. Hmm? This I like.

Still on my yoga and tonight will again begin my physical therapy core exercises on the humongous blue Gaia exercise ball. Yay! haven’t done these for some months because my back has been so very aggravated. This also is a very good sign.

Research this morning progressed for The Front Porch, resulting in a potential call back from the Assistant Principal and Spanish teacher of an elementary school in Takoma Park, who sounded excited to talk but was also way too busy to talk. Also made about four or five Veterans Affairs calls and reached a community resource center where I believe they provide direct counseling service, this referral from the VA Medical Center. And tomorrow I have a meeting with a business leader, that excites me as well. Sunday Jason and I go to review the oldest neighborhoods for the actual front porches, so we shall see. Very fun.

This morning, though, so very tired and unmotivated, it did take some effort to get going, despite the LOVELY fresh weather. Just dragging. I can’t imagine if I had been in pain and on percocet and skelaxin as well? I rested for some time after lunch and before painting and tried to work through my perspective and made a little headway towards blessings and spirituality. I mean, really.

I still have so much to work through that although my creative life abounds, there is a lot of residual emotional expression I need to release? journal? just feel, I guess. But I will always try to work on my balanced perspective. My counselor says I have so many masks that come up with a pleasant face in spite of pain or triggers of negative emotions. Yesterday I thought, Jacksons don’t complain. We stuff it, I thought. I certainly learned that. So now all the stuffings coming out. I have to deal and feel, let it out. It is inappropriate timing, on a lovely day, when so many nice things are happening. Balance on. Steer straight ahead.

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