Philippine Lagoon VIII

There is some cloudlike depth in there now! Yay! There will soon be some detailing overall, tomorrow, and she will be finitti! I really like the intimacy of this piece. Mmmmm. Do you? Can you feel it from there? You should be here. ‘Cause it is true.

Yesterday went very well. Now that is not to say that it went nearly as to be expected. No. Not that I had expectations — learned to give them up long ago. Still, my business leader friend had me down for a completely different Thursday and when we touched base at about twenty after, she was mortified. So we will meet this Sunday. No worries. Things work out. Anyhoo, I had the latte and the muffin and the Capital City Cheesecake Company is on board to be in the book! Woo! They love the idea. We will be sending an email out, my business leader friend and I, to her list, and asking for broader permission all at once. ‘Cause this could take forever two or three at a time.

Meandering down the old stomping grounds of the nineties and found the House of Musical Traditions, but, lo, things don’t open for another 10 minutes, so walked about. Lovely day. Admirous. Art Spring was open and traded business cards and turns out I may be able to have some photos for sale there. We shall see in a few weeks if that works out when I have an appointment there. Cool! Lovely work there! YUM and could buy them out of crafts and artwork had I the funds.

Then around the corner and up yon hill and out of breath and into the door to the House of Musical Traditions. Whereupon we spoke of types of banjos my veteran character’s father may have had and decided WWII era, Dixieland. Yes. Louis Armstrong. Yes. So we are still waiting for permission to use the business name there but we could make something up, and they do offer banjo lessons there, etc. Quite a remarkably fun place they have there. Could buy them out of lovely music and instruments had I the funds, talent, time, energy, etc.


Then I had to beat a hasty retreat to Germantown for about an hour’s drive to then walk him on his choice of long walkies. Lovely as well. Please do permit the overuse of the word Lovely this time of year. It is appropriate and well advised. Limited time only.

Today was flu shot and counseling. Amazing this: counselor’s husband will be my Marine vet for novel. Amazing that. Will submit questions and that is basically that. Will make up the rest. Lucky hat.

So my question for the counselor today was, What do I base my self esteem on? Skills, she said. Oh. That’s easy enough. Identity as well, kind of. We had kind of a short session and then got into the novel, which consumes me. It’s getting very interesting, but I can’t tell you. You shall know in time … ahh, the mystery …

Feeling rather good today — back is in and out with pain, so glad I wasn’t expecting it to be all well and good right off. Heh. Well, I wasn’t. A balanced attitude is good. I think it is a sort of negative, no expectations attitude for the good nor ill that comes with age. Maybe it’s wisdom. Who can say?

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