Philippine Lagoon Finitti

And there she is … with much more depth on the right, as it is in the original photo … with more LIME added. Because life can always use a little more LIME. (add the lime and the coconut and shake it all up) (yes)

And here I am … I must say I have a) been quite busy on the one hand where possible, and b) been in a considerable deal of back and base of skull pain when not. Yay and agh, where appropriate. It balances, verily.

Saturday I got my haircut but otherwise was resting and writhing. Yesterday we were in Takoma Park and then I was writhing. Today I went for lunch with a friend, and outside of finishing said painting, yon, above, I will be writhing in bed, soon. Yon. Anon. At least I’m in good spirits.

Why? Because I’ve decided I will probably have a successful back surgery on the left sometime this Winter. And at some point I will have a successful back surgery on the right. And then I will be okay. Although it hurts now, there is a solution. So I’m okay with that.

And, because yesterday my business leader friend could NOT have been more helpful, giving me golden information, such as the business directory, a pamphlet on history, and driving us ’round ’til we found THE two front porches, almost right off. I’m in LOVE with Takoma Park. I so want to live there. Jason and I were walking from the parking lot and I swear two ladies were hugging each other in the street and it was lovely. Followed by another lady honking her horn at them. She’s over it but I’m not. There was a lot of hugging in the street, that kind of vibe. I love it. Okay. Maybe you’re over it. (But I’m not.)

It’s truly a great thing to be in love with your subject matter. So much so that my head was on fire with narrative and I had to start writing yesterday, with plot material, lest, I catch, a fire, literally, or ‘splode, or something.

I already have a novel outline, which is soooo out of date now compared to the inside of my head. So I started the chapter outline. I got to Chapter Two and was so emotionally involved, I had to stop. Sigh. Just thinking about it now almost brings me to tears now. Telling my friend at lunch about writing about it, not about what I wrote, brought me to tears today. It’s intense. It’s fiction. It’s real for me. I hope you like it.

I’m trying to find a publisher. Keep an ear out for me.

I’m worn out now. Time for bed. Chipper awaits with a glowing brown eye winking from the side of the pillow. He’s dreamy, snuggle bear. I’m there.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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