Godzone, New Zealand

Godzone, because apparently God’s Own Country is a nickname for New Zealand, and because ISLANDS Magazine did not indicate from where this lovely photograph, from which I am drawing the sketch above, was taken. Ahem. It’s all right. Everywhere is Godzone anyhoo. Far as I’m concerned. ‘Cause I’m a Buddhist, yeah, ’cause I’m listening to The Black Keys, yeah … snap! heh …

Very excited about The Front Porch and the upcoming Early Paintings Show Art Reception! May have sold a piece, Underwater, from the show via Facebook already! We shall see. That is a first for me, to sell a piece out from underneath the beginning of a show. I had a friend who worked so hard on a show, she sold it out before it started, except for like three pieces or something. Good on her. It was amazing.

Working on the old film photos, and not all are so good you know, kind of like looking at early photos of cats from high school. Kind of. But there are some gems. Found a roll in the notes I looked up this morning that excites me. Here is a snap:

Just some very old circa 1950s or so window blinds we saw in an old Nashville office building in 2003 and I shot maybe 6 photos of. Super glad I did. Now will they go in the Architecture or Industrial section? No matter. I LOVE them. Dust specs from the old film camera, unretouched an all. Yah. It’s good to be in love with one’s subject matter. See? I’m blessed!

Absolutely beautiful, perfect lovely weather these days. OH. MY. I’m so excited already for the impending holiday season that I’ve already starting wishing people happy holidays. Crazy talk. Put a chill in the air and I’m talking jingle bells to people. Heh. I love it.

I keep telling people and asking people, Enjoy the day, Are you enjoying this day? My good friend since college described me as the Buddha of Germantown. No. But that’s funny. I should just live in Takoma Park and I would be invisible there. All smiles and hugs. I would fit right in. Spreadin’ the lurv I am.

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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